Takahashi FCT-76

FCT-76 Refractor

Takahashi 3-Inch Triplet Refractor

The FCT-76 is a flourite triplet APO refractor. This scope produced beautiful pin-point star images. With a focal length of 487 mm, the refractor could be used for prime focus imaging at f6.4. I also had a focal reducer for this scope that changed it to a fast f4.5 focal ratio. The scope had a built-in camera angle adjuster, and a focus lock, both of which are visible in the above photo. I was pleased with the wide-field images that this little scope was capable of producing. The scope traveled well. I took it with me overseas when I traveled to Mauritius Island for the transit of Venus. This photo shows the FCT-76 on an EM-10 mount.

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