NGC 5754 / NGC 5755

Arp 297

Arp 297 Interacting Galaxies

NGC 5754 has long filaments in its spiral arm structure due to its interaction with nearby NGC 5755 galaxy, and possibly others in the group associated with NGC 5754. This unusual object is listed as number 297 in Dr. Halton Arp's Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies published in 1966. The catalog is a selection of 338 unusual, peculiar, or interacting groups of galaxies. Arp compiled the list based upon photographs taken with the 200-inch Palomar telescope. In this pair, NGC 5754 shines at magnitude 14.0, while NGC 5755 is rated at magnitude 15.0.

This image was taken at Kitt Peak with the 90-inch Bok telescope administered by Steward Observatory. This is an LRGB color composite CCD image using the BVR filters from a BVRI filter set.

NGC 5754
Constellation: Bootes
RA: 14h 45m 35.3s Dec: +38d 45' 44"
March 31, 2004
Image by Sid Leach, Wil Milan, Rich Jacobs and Frank Martin
Kitt Peak, Arizona

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