Comet C/2001 Q4 (NEAT)

Comet C/2001 Q4 (NEAT) on May 22, 2004

Comet NEAT reached 3rd magnitude and was at its best in mid-May 2004 when this photograph was taken. This photograph shows comet NEAT's two tails, although even with this wide field of view I failed to capture the entire length of the long spectacular ion tail that this comet developed. For a short period, we had three naked eye comets simultaneously appearing in our skies -- comet C/2001 Q4 (NEAT) plus comet C/2002 T7 (LINEAR) and comet C/2004 F4 Bradford.

This photograph was taken with a Mamiya 645AF camera and a 45mm lens operating at f2.8 using Fuji ASA800 film. The camera was mounted piggyback on my telescope. This photo was taken at the Sunglow Ranch, located in southeastern Arizona.

Constellation: Cancer
RA: 09h 03m 20.2s Dec: +32d 39' 43"
May 22, 2004
Image by Sid Leach
Scottsdale, Arizona.

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