Comet C/1999 S4 (LINEAR)

Comet C/1999 S4 (LINEAR) on July 2, 2000

This color image of comet C/1999 S4 (LINEAR) was taken on July 2. The composite CCD image is the sum of individual exposures through red, green, and blue filters. The comet moved so quickly that the background stars are in different positions for each exposure. Thus, the stars appear as separate red, green, and blue spots in the image. This comet was discovered by the Lincoln Laboratory Near Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) project. Comet LINEAR passed cloest to the sun on July 26.

This is a composite of three 60 second exposure CCD images taken with red, green, and blue filters using an ST-8E and a CFW-8 color filter wheel. The telescope was a Takahashi FS-128 refractor operating at f8. The image was taken at Windowpane Observatory's primary Northern Arizona observing location near Prescott. Special thanks to Bill Georgevich for his assistance and hospitality during my observing night.

Constellation: Andromeda
RA: 02h 37m Dec: +43d 36'
July 2, 2000 at 1111 U.T.
Image by Sid Leach
Prescott, Arizona

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