M17 The Omega Nebula

The Omega Nebula

The Omega Nebula

The Omega Nebula is 5,700 light-years away in Sagittarius. The nebula's dimensions are about 60 light-years by 75 light-years. The total mass of the gas in this nebula is enough to form 800 stars as large as the Sun. The Omega Nebula was discovered by Swiss astronomer de Cheseaux in 1764. Charles Messier added it to his original list published in 1769.

The Omega Nebula is also known as the Swan Nebula. The nebula has a size of 46 arc-minutes, and shines at mangitude 6.0. It is an excellent object for amateur size telescopes.

This is a composite CCD image taken with an STL-11000M CCD using a Takahashi Epsilon 180ED telescope at f2.8.

M17 (NGC 6618)
Constellation: Sagittarius
RA: 18h 20m 48s Dec: -16d 11' 00" (J2000)
May 28, 2009
Image by Sid Leach
Scottsdale, Arizona

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