M18 Open Star Cluster

M18 is a magnitude 6.9 galactic star cluster that was discovered by Charles Messier in June 1764. This cluster was described by Dreyer as "sparse in stars." It is a loose grouping of about a dozen stars. This object is described in Burnham's Celestial Handbook as "one of the most neglected of the Messier objects." M18 would have to be classified as one of the minor objects in Sagittarius. The constellation Sagittarius contains more Messier objects than any other constellation.

This is an RGB color composite CCD image taken with a Takahashi FCT-150 using an ST-8XE.

M18 (NGC 6613)
Constellation: Sagittarius
RA: 18h 20m 20s Dec: -17d 06' 07"
April 11, 2006
Image by Sid Leach
Scottsdale, Arizona.

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