M71 Globular Star Cluster

M71 star cluster

M71 Globular Star Cluster

M71 is an 8th magnitude rich and compact star cluster in the tiny constellation Sagitta, and is the only Messier object found in that constellation. It is considered to be a globular star cluster, although it does not have a dense central compression typically found in most globulars and the stars are metal-rich. It is often overlooked and somewhat eclipsed by the fact that it is located so close to the Dumbbell Nebula. M71 is separated from M27 by only 4 degrees.

M71 was probably first observed by J.G. Koehler in 1775. This object was "discovered" by P. Mechain 5 years later in 1780. Messier located it later that same year and added it to his catalog.

This is an RGB color composite CCD image taken with an SBIG ST-8XE CCD using a Takahashi Epsilon 250 telescope. This image was taken from my backyard in Scottsdale, Arizona.

M71 (NGC 6838)
Constellation: Sagitta
RA: 19h 53m 46s Dec: +18d 46' 44" (J2000)
July 9, 2005
Image by Sid Leach
Scottsdale, Arizona

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