M92 Globular Star Cluster

M92 star cluster

M92 Globular Star Cluster in Hercules

The globular star cluster M92 in Hercules is an impressive star cluster, but is over shadowed by the great splendor of the M13 globular cluster nearby. M92 was discovered by J.E. Bode in December 1777. It shines at magnitude 6.5, and is located only about 9 degrees from M13. It is about 35,000 light-years away from us. It has a radial approach velocity of approximately 73 miles per second. M92 was included in the third version of the Messier catalog published in 1781.

This is an LRGB composite CCD image taken from my backyard with an SBIG ST-8E CCD and CFW-8 color filter wheel. The images were processed and combined using MaxIm DL. A Takahashi FS-128 refractor with a reducer operating at f5.9 was used to take these images.

M92 (NGC 6341)
Constellation: Hercules
RA: 17h 17m 08.0s Dec: +43d 08' 12"
July 9, 2000
Image by Sid Leach
Scottsdale, Arizona

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