M93 Open Star Cluster

M93 is a compact open cluster located in Puppis nine degrees south of M46. It is smaller but brighter than M46. The cluster has several type B9 blue giants, which comprise the brightest members of the group. It is located about 3400 light-years away. M93 was discovered by Charles Messier in March 1781.

This is an RGB color composite CCD image taken with a Takahashi FS-78 using an ST-8XE. This image was taken from my backyard in Scottsdale, Arizona.

M93 (NGC 2447)
Constellation: Puppis
RA: 07h 44m 51s Dec: -23d 52' 07"
December 2, 2007
Image by Sid Leach
Scottsdale, Arizona

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