NGC 5216 / NGC 5218

Arp 104

Arp 104 Interacting Galaxies

Sometimes called the Keenan System, NGC 5216 and NGC 5218 are interacting galaxies in Ursa Major. A relatively bright tidal stream of stars can be seen connecting the two galaxies. These two galaxies are interacting with each other, and their gravitational forces are deforming the spiral structure of the objects as a result of a close encounter in the past. This galaxy pair is listed in the Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies published by Dr. Halton Arp in 1966 as Arp 104. NGC 5216 shines at magnitude 13.6, while NGC 5218 is listed as a magnitude 12.3 object.

This image was taken at Kitt Peak as part of a public outreach program. We spent the night on the mountain and imaged using telescopes at the Visitor Center. We used a 20-inch telescope located in the observatory adjoining the Visitor Center. Adam Block was our observing guide that evening, and did an excellent job of assisting us in operating the equipment. Adam Block is now conducting an observing program on Mt. Lemmon for the University of Arizona with a larger telescope than the one we used on Kitt Peak.

This is an LRGB color composite CCD image taken at prime focus f8.4 on a 20-inch RC Optical Systems Richey-Chretien telescope carried on a Paramount ME mount.

NGC 5216
Constellation: Ursa Major
RA: 13h 32m 19.8s Dec: +62d 40' 43"
March 27, 2004
Image by Sid Leach, Wil Milan and Adam Block
Kitt Peak, Arizona

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