NGC 5775

Galaxy Group in Virgo - Place cursor over each galaxy to identify it NGC 5774 IC 1070 NGC 5775

NGC 5775 Galaxy Group
(May 12, 2002)

NGC 5775 is an elongated galaxy in Virgo in a field of close companion galaxies that makes a nice image. The face-on spiral galaxy in the upper right hand portion of this image is NGC 5774. The small galaxy to the upper left of NGC 5775 is IC 1070. Hold your cursor over each galaxy and the name of the galaxy will appear.

NGC 5775 shines at magnitude 11.4. Although NGC 5774 is rated at magnitude 12.8, it is a much more difficult object to see visually. NGC 5774 has a very low surface brightness where its light is spread over a relatively large surface area. IC 1070 is a dim magnitude 15.7.

One of my Christmas presents in 2002 was a night of observing at Kitt Peak. I participated in a public outreach program that provided me with an opportunity to stay on the mountain and image using telescopes at the visitors center. At that time, we used a 16-inch Meade LX-200 Schmidt-Cassigrain telescope located in the observatory adjoining the Visitor's Center. Adam Block did an excellent job of running the program. I basically watched him take this image and assemble the raw images into a color composite. I learned a few things about imaging. Afterwards, I processed the image using Adobe PhotoShop 7.0 and MaxIm DL. Adam Block is now conducting an observing program on Mt. Lemmon for the University of Arizona with a larger telescope than the one we used on Kitt Peak.

This is an LRGB color composite CCD image taken at prime focus on a Meade 16-inch LX-200 SCT telescope with an SBIG ST-8E CCD, CFW-8 color filter wheel, and AO-7. Guiding was accomplished with the built-in autoguider in the ST-8E and the AO-7.

NGC 5775
Constellation: Virgo
RA:14h 54m 07.3s Dec:+03d 32' 30"
May 12, 2002
Image by Adam Block and Sid Leach
Kitt Peak, Arizona

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