Rho Ophiuchus Region

Rho Ophiuchus region

The Rho Ophiuchus Nebula Complex

This photo shows the region of the sky near the star Rho Ophiuchus. Dark clouds of dust obscure stars in the Milky Way in this region of the sky, forming the dark areas seen above. The blue nebula is a reflection nebula, illuminated by star light reflected off of gas in the region. The color regions are emission nebulae, which are regions of florescent gas that has been excited by ultraviolet radiation from nearby stars.

This image was taken during an astronomy camp sponsored by the University of Arizona. Available to teenagers and adults, these astronomy camps emphasize hands-on learning experiences in the fascinating field of astronomy. The camp was run by Dr. Don McCarthy, an astronomer with Steward Observatory at the University of Arizona, and he does an excellent job making the camps fun and educational. Astronomy camps like this are scheduled several times a year, and you can obtain more information and register for one of the camps by going to their web site.

The above image was made by digitally stacking several piggyback photos taken using a Nikon 105mm lens stopped down to f4. Kodak PJM multispeed color negative film was used.

Constellation: Ophiuchus
May 27-28, 2006
Photo by Sid Leach
Mt. Lemmon, Arizona

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