The Southern Milky Way

Southern Milky Way - hold your cursor over an object to identify it NGC 3247 NGC 3496 NGC 3330 SAO 238309 SAO 237916 SAO 238222 SAO 238574 SAO 251006 SAO 250905 NGC 3199 NGC 3572 NGC 3324 NGC 3293 IC 2581 NGC 3532 NGC 3772 NGC 3114

The Southern Milky Way

This is a portion of the splendid southern Milky Way that is not visible from northern latitudes. This photo was taken from the visitors' center at Mauna Kea Observatory on the large island of Hawaii. At a latitude slightly less than 20 degrees north, the southern Milky Way is visible from Mauna Kea Observatory, although it was still low near the horizon. The southern skies have a number of beautiful deep sky objects that residents of the northern hemisphere cannot observe. The view was improved, however, by the fact that the visitors' center is located at an altitude of 9300 feet. The red nebula visible in this photograph is Eta Carinae.

Hold your cursor over an object in the photograph, and a pop-up window will appear to identify the objects visible in the photo.

This was a photograph using my Nikon F2 camera with a 105mm lens, mounted piggyback on a Takahashi FS-78 scope on a Takahashi EM-10 mount. The mount was being guided by an SBIG ST-8 CCD. (I took this piggyback photo while I was imaging with the CCD.) Unfortunately, low clouds near the horizon darkened the bottom of the photo. I would like to express special thanks to Hugh Grossman and the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy for allowing me to use their facilities to set up my telescope for astrophotography.

December 22, 1998
Photo by Sid Leach
Mauna Kea, Hawaii.

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