Venus-Jupiter Conjunction

Venus and Jupiter shortly after sunset

Venus and Jupiter on February 16, 2010

Venus and Jupiter were less than 33 arc-minutes apart just after sunset on February 16, 2010. Venus is on the left, and Jupiter is on the right in this image. At the time of this image, Venus was beginning to emerge into the western sky and climbing higher each evening. Jupiter was sinking lower each day and becoming lost in the glare of the Sun. Venus was coming around the far side of the Sun, and was a 10 arc-second disk that was almost 99% illuminated. Venus was about 8 - 1/2 degrees from the Sun. A crescent moon (shown below) was visible above the conjunction.

Cresent Moon shines above Venus-Jupiter conjunction

The above images were taken with a Cannon EOS Digital Rebel SLR camera using a 300mm lens.

February 16, 2010
Images by Sid Leach
Scottsdale, Arizona

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