The Summer Milky Way

Cygnus Milky Way

The Cygnus Region

This is a portion of the summer Milky Way extending through Cygnus. Dark clouds of dust obscure stars in the Milky Way in this region of the sky, forming the Great Rift. The red nebula near the top right is the North American Nebula. The bright star near the North American Nebula is Deneb. The constellation Cygnus has a number of other beautiful deep sky objects, such as the Veil Nebula, the Cocoon Nebula, and the Crescent Nebula. There are two Messier objects in Cygnus - - M29 and M39. The bright star at the lower right is Vega.

This piggyback photo was taken using a Nikon F2 camera with a 35mm lens stopped down to f4. Fuji HG 800 film was used.

Constellation: Cygnus
July 15, 2001
Photo by Sid Leach
Scottsdale, Arizona

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