Takahashi Mewlon 210 Telescope

Mewlon 210 Telescope

Takahashi 8-Inch Dall-Kirkham Scope

This scope has a focal length of 2415mm, and a focal ratio of f11.5. This 8-inch scope is a Cassegrain type design, but uses no corrector lens. The Dall-Kirkham design uses an objective mirror with a concave elliptical surface. The secondary is a spherical convex mirror. The Mewlon 210 is primarily designed for visual use. This 8-inch version of the Takahashi Mewlon scopes uses a small knob at the rear of the telescope to move the main mirror, as is done in many Cassegrain telescopes. Larger versions of the Mewlon series have a fixed main mirror and use an electric focuser to move the secondary. The finder scope is securely attached to the optical tube assembly, and may be used as a convenient handle for carrying the scope.

I usually use this telescope for visual observations. It is light-weight and easy to set up, yet provides a useful aperature for deep sky objects. When used for portable visual work, the scope may be carried on a small Takahashi EM-10 mount. The scope fits in a padded case made for a Meade LX200, and can be put into the overhead baggage compartment of a commercial aircraft. I took this scope with me to the 1998 solar eclipse in Curacao, and set it up on the beach to watch the progress of the eclipse as totality approached.

With its long focal length, this scope has proven useful for planetary imaging with a CCD. When used for imaging, an Optec TCF-S electric focuser greatly aids in achieving proper focus. A Takahashi NJP mount is used to support the optical tube assembly for CCD imaging. The photos on this page show the imaging configuration, and the NJP mount shown in these photos has the Temma GoTo drive system.

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Mewlon 210 Telescope

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