February 26, 1998 Solar Eclipse

Observing the solar eclipse with a Mewlon 210 telescope

Observing the Solar Eclipse with a Mewlon 210 Telescope

This photo shows the Takahashi Mewlon 210mm Dall-Kirkham telescope in use at the total eclipse of the Sun on February 26, 1998. We set up on a beach that day. Several of the local people came by, asked a lot of questions, and peered through the scope to watch the moon slowly cover more and more of the Sun. I must have had 100 people look through my telescope that day. In the photo, you can see the solar filter over the opening to the telescope, which was secured with some black tape to insure that it did not fall off while someone was looking at the sun.

After the eclipse, I took this scope out at night to gaze at many of the southern hemisphere objects visible from that latitude. The view of Omega Centauri was unbelieveable, and Eta Carinae was spectacular through a UHC filter. This telescope was easy to take to Curacao, because it fits in the overhead compartment of a typical commercial airplane.

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