NGC 869 and NGC 884

NGC 869 and NGC 884

The Perseus Double Star Cluster

The Perseus double cluster is a rich pair of open star clusters that are the same distance from us, and the same age. The cluster on the bottom in this image is NGC 869, and the cluster on the top in this image is NGC 884. NGC 869 is a magnitude 5.3 open cluster of about 200 stars spread over a region about 29 arc-minutes in diameter. NGC 884 is a magnitude 6.1 open cluster of about 115 stars, having a size of about 29 arc-minutes in diameter.

This is an RGB color composite CCD image taken with a Takahashi Epsilon 180ED telescope using an SBIG STL-11000M CCD. This image was taken on Mount Lemmon in Arizona.

NGC 869
RA: 02h 19m 04s Dec: +57d 08' 06" (J2000)
Constellation: Perseus

NGC 884
RA: 02h 22m 32s Dec: +57d 08' 39" (J2000)
Constellation: PerseusNovember 22, 2009
Image by Sid Leach
Mount Lemmon, Arizona

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