Solar Prominence

Solar Prominence

Solar Prominence During the February 26, 1998, Solar Eclipse

Several solar prominences were visible during the total eclipse of the sun on February 26, 1998. A solar prominence consists of sheets of luminous gas emanating from the sun's surface. Prominences occur only in regions of horizontal magnetic fields. This prominence is so large, it would dwarf even the planet earth. This photograph was taken only one or two seconds before totality began, and while the diamond ring effect could be observed.

A Takahashi FS-78 refractor (78mm or 3-inch), mounted on a Takahashi EM-10 mount, was used to take the photo. Kodak Royal Gold 100 film was used in a 35mm Olympus OM-1 camera at prime focus. The total eclipse was observed from the island of Curacao.

Solar Eclipse
February 26, 1998 at 1813 U.T.
Photo by Sid Leach

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