Observing the Sun Through an H-alpha Filter

Solar Prominence via a H-alpha filter

Solar Prominences (H-alpha Filter)

In the past, solar prominences were visible only during a total eclipse of the Sun. Today, narrow band filters are available for solar observing that pass only the narrow band emissions of hydrogen-alpha light from the Sun. The above image was provided by a 60mm refractor that is a dedicated solar telescope with an H-alpha filter built into the telescope.

A solar prominence consists of luminous gas or plasma extending from the Sun's surface in regions of magnetic fields. Prominence like these extend thousands of miles out into space. Even at the bottom of the sunspot cycle, the Sun still displays significant activity visible using special filters made for solar observing. A Coronado Instruments SolarMax 60 telescope and a Cannon EOS Digital Rebel SLR camera were used to take this image.

Sun in H-alpha
May 13, 2006
Image by Sid Leach
Scottsdale, Arizona

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